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Protein & Macromolecule Synthesis service

At GMES, we provide Protein & Macromolecule expression service and assist our customers to synthesise various proteins using our systems and technologies.

Protein synthesis R & D facilities

  • We undertake lab-scale protein synthesis services
  • Use our own strains & technology
  • Services from start to finish, including codon optimization, protein folding prediction and optimisation, vector/DNA synthesis, and large-scale purification.
  • Expression of toxic proteins and low water solubility proteins that are difficult to synthesize

Large-scale industrial production facilities

  • We undertake protein synthesis foundry services
  • Scale production available
  • Difficult synthesis of toxic proteins and low water solubility proteins available
  • Use our advanced cell-free protein expression system
  • Full process of optimisation services including codon optimisation, solubility optimization, protein folding enhancement, vector/DNA synthesis, and efficient large-scale purification through packaging and delivery optimization.