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In vitro energy generation system

We develop various energy molecule (re)generation/storage systems.

We now provide purified proteins, crude cell lysates, vectors carrying relevant genes, and even licensing of know-how.

Our in vitro energy system products

In vitro ATP Generation Systems
For Fast ATP Generation

In vitro EMP (glycolysis) system

Using glucose as the substrate to produce ATP

  • Special designed group of Kinase set as core enzymes
  • 1 mol glucose can convert to (net) 2mol ATP
  • Low price, simple system, high robustness
  • Long-lasting kinetic plateau period

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In vitro Hemi-TCA cycle /oxidative phosphorylation reaction system

For ATP/NAD(P)H production using glutamate as a substrate (replenishing TCA cycle intermediate α-ketoglutarate)

  • Cheap and efficient
  • High ATP/GTP yield
  • Long-lasting kinetic plateau period
  • Can work in a membrane-free environment
  • Combine with the EMP systems to increase ATP yield and inhibit  anaplerosis simultaneously

Single high-energy phosphate donor molecule reaction system

Provided by BioNukleo and can be associated with GMES's In vitro sub-systems

Phosphoenolpyruvate(PEP) as a substrate for ATP production

  • PK1/PK2, NDPK-based kinase system
  • Direct and fast reaction

Acetyl phosphate(ACP) as a substrate for ATP production

  • AcK, NDPK-based kinase system
  • Direct and fast reaction

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Artificial Mitochondria System
For Abundant & Long-lasting ATP Supplement

Under Development

In vitro EMP/TCA cycling/oxidative phosphorylation reaction system with glucose as substrate for scale and long-lasting ATP/NAD(P)H production

In vitro Redox System
For protecting functional molecules | eliminating peroxides & free radicals

Coming soon

  • Composed of reducing molecules GSH synthase group (GCL, GS) and functional enzyme group (GPx, GST, SOD, GR)
  • Resilient and long-lasting protection system for universal in vitro reactions
  • Non-toxic, no product accumulation & low metabolic stress
  • Consumes only essential amino acids and ATP